Thursday, February 11, 2010

Online Effort To Get Out-Of-Work Georgians Back On The Job

Liz Carter puts her professional experience to work for unemployed Adds "Jobs Board" to

(ATLANTA)—While many in Washington just talk about getting out-of-work Americans back on the job, leading Republican Congressional candidate Liz Carter is actually doing something to help business owners and unemployed Georgians.

Carter is using her professional experience and business connections to create a new job posting database available to anyone with online access. The postings will be available at

Employers can create a free account to post details about available positions; the company name, position title, position type and job description will be made available on the site. Applicants can search the postings and apply online. Once resumes are received and reviewed, the applicant's details are sent to the employer.

"I am doing what I can to immediately connect employers with prospective employees. My only objectives are to help unemployed Georgians get back to supporting their families and provide a free service to business owners."

Carter is the only District 4 Congressional candidate with executive business management experience and is an accomplished entrepreneur and small business owner. She is a job creator who focuses on delivering best practices and thought leadership with those she works with. She's been noted for her skill in managing high dollar business units, effective cutting costs and increasing revenues.

"I've yet to discover a single Georgian – let alone an entire family – that can honestly say they feel better about the billions of their tax dollars Congress has given away," she said.

"There is simply too much at risk for the immediate and future needs of Georgians to simply wish for things to get better."

"My hope is that everyone will take the opportunity to visit our site,, utilize a free posting service and find an employment opportunity that meets their needs," Carter added.

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